Kunjal Gala, Federated Hermes Investment

Kunjal Gala, Federated Hermes Investment

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9 March 2023
Money in the Market: Will Asian markets help emerging markets rebound in 2023?
Emerging markets are set to rebound in 2023, boosted by the re-opening of China. That's according to the Federated Hermes' Global Emerging Markets Outlook. Rebounds in South Korea, Taiwan and Brazil and the stability of India, Indonesia and Mexico is said to support emerging markets’ growth. On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Kunjal Gala, Head of Global Emerging Markets at Federated Hermes to find out more on this report and how Asian markets will help support EMs rebound this year.

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16 April 2020
The Outlook for Emerging Markets with Federated Hermes' Kunjal Gala
The market meltdown spared almost no one, with Emerging Markets also suffering from deep first quarter losses. But what opportunities might there be moving forward? Kunjal Gala is a Co-Portfolio Manager for Global Emerging Markets at Federated Hermes, and he spoke to us on Prime Time about what some of trends he's tracking in Emerging markets, in terms of what sectors he's favoring and which ones he's still wary of.

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