Kevin Coppel, Knight Frank

Kevin Coppel, Knight Frank

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20 March 2023
Mind Your Business: From the Courtroom to the Corner Office - What was the AHHA moment that made a former lawyer leave the legal profession?
After years of studying law, obtaining a legal degree and practising law, what would make someone call it quits just after 2.5 years in the legal profession?
What was the AHHA moment?
What were some of the sacrifices that one has to make in order to make that career switch and to get to the top of where he is today?
On Mind Your Business's C-Suite conversation today, Lyn Lee Foo and Ryan Huang speak with Kevin Coppel, Managing Director at Knight Frank, to share his story on why his passion was not in law, but in management and how he worked his way strategically to be a MD of one of the top real estate companies today.

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1 July 2020
Asia Pacific Property Trends
According to a Asia Pacific Bulletin by property firm, Knight Frank, the traffic lights are starting to turn in favour of Asia Pacific real estate markets as markets across Asia-pacific start to ease lockdown measures. In Powering Your Property Asia, we are joined by Kevin Coppel  Asia Pacific Managing Director, Knight Frank who'll share more.

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