Karl Mak, Hepmil Media Group

Karl Mak, Hepmil Media Group

18042023 DT - Karl Mak

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24 March 2023
Under the Radar: Conversation with CEO of Hepmil Media Group; Humour as a value proposition; On its US$10m Series A funding in 2021; Joint venture with Bent Pixels to connect esports creators with brands; Expansion into Thailand and Vietnam; On having millennials and Gen Z as its target audience
How sustainable is humour as a value proposition for a business? That’s the question we want to ask our interviewee today.
Our guest for today is from Hepmil Media Group. You might better know them as the parent company of leading comedy brands SGAG, MGAG and PGAG.
Hepmil Media Group, which first started connecting with Singaporeans through localised humour, iconic memes and videos posted on SGAG, has since grown to a network of companies and creators that engages and entertains millennials and Gen Zs.
More recently, Hepmil Media Group also launched a joint venture with US digital media company Bent Pixels to better connect esports content creators in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines with brands.
But how does the company define the market it is in and what is it doing to ensure that it has the last laugh?
On Under the Radar, Drive Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian sat down with Karl Mak, Co Founder & CEO of Hepmil Media Group to find out.

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