Kailash Madan, Primer & Bhavin Shah, Beam

Kailash Madan, Primer & Bhavin Shah, Beam

Kailash and Bhavin

9 June 2023
Mind Your Business: How to navigate APAC’s fragmented payments landscape with one click
One of the biggest challenges facing businesses in their aspirations to go global is the diverse and fragmented payments landscape in various markets worldwide.
On Mind Your Business today, an APAC leading micro-mobility company will be sharing how they have successfully navigated the myriad of payment options in the region, with a fintech partner.
Bhavin Shah, VP of Product Management, Beam - the leading micro-mobility company in APAC & Kailash Madan, Head of Asia, Primer - the world's first no-code automation platform, offering merchants the underlying infrastructure for effortless commerce experiences, share their journey and partnership that has seen huge growth.
Presented by Ryan Huang.

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This podcast is produced and edited by Anthea Ng (nganthea@sph.com.sg)

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