Juan Huat Koo, Cisco

Juan Huat Koo, Cisco

05122022 TBH - Juan Huat Koo

5 December 2022
Mind Your Business: Projections on cybersecurity spending during a time of economic uncertainty
The Work From Anywhere phenomenon has exposed new layers of cyber risks and added challenges for security professionals to tackle as they plan ahead for 2023. This was highlighted in Cisco’s latest study, titled "My Location, My Device: Hybrid work’s new cybersecurity challenge” which finds that logging in remotely as part of hybrid work and the use of unregistered devices by employees have increased cybersecurity risks.
Juan Huat Koo, Director, Cybersecurity, Cisco ASEAN shares more.

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8 February 2022
Why It Matters: Addressing the rise of online banking fraud
There has been an increasing focus on the threat of SMS phishing scams targeting bank customers. Alongside this, banks are also facing a rising pressure to bolster their security defences against malicious attackers and address the renewed needs of customers. Juan Huat Koo, Director, Cybersecurity, ASEAN, Cisco shares some of the steps banks should adopt to advance their security infrastructure and possibly regain consumer confidence.

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