Jonathan Quek, Globotix

Jonathan Quek, Globotix

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2 March 2023
Mind Your Business: Google "fired" their cleaning robots to cut costs, what does that mean for the smart cleaning industry?
Alphabet is shutting down its Everyday Robots project - another casualty of job cuts at Google’s parent company and the latest in a long list of failed hardware ventures.
It was launched in 2019 with an aim of designing armed robots that could help out in domestic and office settings; taking on light custodial work like sorting trash and cleaning tables.
What does that mean for the smart cleaning industry? Are humans more cost effective than robots in the sector?
On Mind Your Business, Lyn Lee Foo and Ryan Huang find out more Jonathan Quek, Founder and CEO of Globotix, a Singapore-based robotics startup, that is exploring how A.I. can revolutionise the cleaning industry.

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19 November 2021
Mind Your Business: How a self-pronounced failure recovered and build a leading startup in smart cleaning
In the early 2010s, Jonathan Quek, Founder & CEO, Globotix invested all of his savings to set up an edtech platform that did not succeed. But, the failure in that business venture taught him to be a better entrepreneur and he now owns a leading startup in smart cleaning.

He joins us on The Breakfast Huddle to share his inspiring story.

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