John Friedman, AgFunder

John Friedman, AgFunder


9 September 2020
Eco Money: Key trends driving agritech investment
According to the 2020 agrifood tech report - a total of $423 million was invested in startups innovating across Southeast Asia's food and agriculture segments in 2019. While that may seem low compared to more mature markets like the US and Europe, it represents a 400% increase since 2014. To tap into this growing industry - AgFunder has launched an impact-focused investment vehicle, the GROW Impact Fund. To find out more, Prime Time's Rachel Kelly spoke to John Friedman, Director, AgFunder Asia & GROW Accelerator.

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22 May 2020
ECO MONEY (EP 10) Investing in Agri Tech (AgFunder)
In Eco Money, Rachel Kelly speaks to movers and shakers in the sustainability world. In this episode, she talks to John Friedman, Director, Asia, AgFunder about agri-food tech investment

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