John Cahalane, Kerry Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa

John Cahalane, Kerry Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa

John Cahalane (1)

29 September 2023

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7 September 2023
Under the Radar: Chicken extracts, flavours and creamers – Kerry Taste and Nutrition’s journey from a dairy co-op to a taste and nutrition firm serving the world’s largest FMCG and pharmaceutical firms; Demand from FMCG players amid high inflation; Ability to hike prices while maintaining volumes; Acquisition of Chinese flavouring company Greatang Orchard Food; Importance of dairy business
This conversation is set to pique your interest if you’re a grocery shopper or a foodie.
On that note, have you ever read the back of a food label packaging and wonder what exactly is this ingredient called the chicken extract that is packed with umami flavour?
Or have you opened a bag of barbecue flavoured chips and wonder what’s behind that rich and smoky flavour?  Or perhaps – what are milk proteins and milk protein concentrates and how do they make the food and drinks we consume more nutritious?
Well, I am bringing this up because our guest for today is behind all of the products mentioned earlier.
With over five decades of history, Kerry Taste and Nutrition is an Ireland headquartered food company offering taste and nutrition solutions for some of the world’s best known FMCG and pharmaceutical brands.
The firm currently has over 22,000 employees and over 150 innovation and manufacturing centres in over 30 countries. But what is the role of Kerry’s presence in Singapore in its wider portfolio?
Meanwhile, Kerry Taste and Nutrition recently reported its half year results where both sales volumes and pricing went up at the same time. How was this achieved given how its clients or FMCG players are struggling with balancing price increases and falling demand amid high inflation?
On Under the Radar, Drive Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian posed these questions to  John Cahalane, President and CEO for Kerry Taste and Nutrition Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa.

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