Jared Ragland, BSA – The Software Alliance

Jared Ragland, BSA - The Software Alliance

5 June 2020
Strategic initiatives that power the remote economy
How can governments in every country support the remote economy now and in the future? BSA The Software Alliance has some recommendations in their Respond and Recovery Agenda which they released recently. Howie Lim gets the details from Jared Ragland, Senior Director for APAC Policy at BSA, the Software Alliance.

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2 September 2019
Standardizing Policies on Responsible AI Development
This year, several countries and economic unions released their own frameworks & guidelines to help steer responsible AI development & harness the transformative technology for their citizens and the economy. While current AI ethical recommendations sound similar, there are still differences in the approaches between each country/economic union and there will be risks that AI governance policies can become fragmented globally and regionally. We speak to Jared Ragland, Senior Director, Policy – APAC at BSA | The Software Alliance on standardizing policies on responsible AI development.

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