Jamie Beaton, Crimson Education

Jamie Beaton, Crimson Education

Jamie Beaton

10 January 2024
Money and Me: How Crimson Education Co-founder Jamie Beaton built a billion-dollar company
His company is a unicorn but that's not stopped 28-year-old Jamie Beaton from pursuing another degree from Princeton. Michelle Martin meets Jamie Beaton co-founder Crimson Education to learn about why he keeps studying, what his personal strategies for academic excellence and entrepreneurship are, and how to do it all by the age of 28.

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5 December 2019
Influence : Jamie Beaton, the 24-year-old who built a $245 million dollar EdTech company on the keys to superachievement
An alumnus of Harvard, Stanford and now a Rhodes Scholar, Jamie Beaton seems perfectly placed to advise on how to get into an Ivy League University. But this 24-year-old CEO also recently secured US$20 million in a Series C funding for his company - currently valued at US$245 million. What is key to getting investors on board? How is Crimson using algorithms so its clients exhibit 2-4 times the likelihood of admission to Oxford or Cambridge than the average global applicant?

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