James McCormack, Fitch

James McCormack, Fitch

19 March 2020
Implications from Oil's Collapse for Markets and Sovereign Bonds
The sudden collapse in oil prices from a brewing price war and the COVID-19 pandemic's impact may lead to some credit issues for sovereign bonds, particularly oil producers that fund national budgets with crude revenues. James McCormack is Fitch Ratings' Global Head of Sovereigns, and speaks to us about what these risk implications are, and what risks could feed into global markets from this.

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12 September 2019
Assessing the Sovereign Credit Landscape with Fitch Ratings' James McCormack
Despite lingering market uncertainties, Fitch Ratings still has most of Asia's sovereign credit rated stable or positive. Global Head of Sovereigns James McCormack spoke to us on the sidelines of Fitch's Global Sovereign Conference about who's rated positive, who came out negative, how tricky it is for China to balance deleveraging and stimulus, and how the trade war affects their outlook on Singapore.

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