Henson Tsai, SleekFlow

Henson Tsai, SleekFlow

Henson Tai

18 August 2023
In The Spotlight: The dangers of Al hallucinations - How brands can help Al through its limitations
While generative AI’s answers might sound believable, they can be factually incorrect – or worse, subjective. Now, imagine that AI running your store, or your Shopee platform.
The implications of ‘AI hallucination’ — where it makes up information in a convincing way, can range from misquoting prices to recommending products that don’t even exist.
We speak with Henson Tsai, Founder and CEO of SleekFlow about the root cause of this major design issue across AI models and how to navigate these challenges.

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30 August 2022
Mind Your Business: Overcoming back-to-back failures to create a social commerce app
SleekFlow’s CEO, was forced to make his hardest decision at the age of 25. To help his company survive, cutting half of his company’s workforce, which mainly consisted of employees older than him, was the only solution. Now, he is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the region. Henson Tsai, Founder & CEO, SleekFlow shares more about his journey.

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