Havard Chi, Quarz Capital Asia

Havard Chi, Quarz Capital Asia

14 Aug MDT Havard Chi

14 August 2020
Bigger Picture: Making sense of merger metrics
Havard Chi, Head of Research, Quarz Capital Asia explains why the fund feels ESR REIT's offer to buy out Sabana REIT is too low despite being over 4 percent Sabana's last closing price before the announcement.

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20 April 2020
How activist hedge funds work and how COVID-19 affects them
Activist hedge funds make a large enough investment in a company to be able to participate in the management and firm decision making. Activist investors also like to make investments in companies where management lacks the proper incentives to maximize shareholder value. Quarz Capital Asia's Head of Research, Havard Chi shares how COVID-19 has hit the activist hedge fund industry.

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