Guy Segal, Sygnia

Guy Segal, Sygnia

Guy Segal

15 May 2023
Mind Your Business: From Elite Military to Cybersecurity - How a veteran tackles online crimes of today and beyond
In our weekly chat with a C-Suite on Mind Your Business, we revisit an important topic that often gets ignored or brushed aside until it hits one’s business, loved ones or even oneself.
We are going into the world of cybersecurity by talking to a veteran with over 25 years of leadership experience in the industry, including roles in the Israel Defence Forces Technology & Intelligence Unit 8200.
Now for the uninitiated, it is touted as the equivalent of America’s National Security Agency and the largest single military unit in the IDF.
Lyn Lee Foo finds out more from Guy Segal, Vice President of Security Services APAC, Sygnia.
This podcast is produced and edited by Anthea Ng (

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20 October 2022
Why It Matters: Negotiating with cyber attackers, how can organisations handle this?
There have been a lot of recent high-profile attacks in the past few weeks, some of which are very prominent organisations. But should businesses negotiate with cyberattackers? What is the process like? Guy Segal, VP of Cyber Security Services for Asia Pacific, Sygnia shares more.

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