Gary Harvey, St. James’s Place Singapore

Gary Harvey, St. James’s Place Singapore

09122022 TAU - Gary Harvey

9 December 2022
Money in the Market: Are millennials setting a new tone for future generations?
Are millennials setting a new tone for future generations when it comes to investing? A new report released by St. James’s Place Asia uncovers significant differences in the wealth management approaches between older and younger investors in Singapore. On Money in the Market, Gary Harvey, CEO of SJP Singapore joins us to tell us more about the key findings of this report, which looks at how affluent and high net worth Singaporeans aged 25 to 64, are managing and investing their money.

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31 August 2022
In the spotlight: To will or not to will?
The current inflation and economic uncertainty will urge workers to have better planning for retirement and wealth management. However, about 54 percent of locals, aged from 45 to 64 years old, admitted that they have yet to think about planning for retirement. This despite 75 percent saying Covid-19 has made them more concerned about it. In the Spotlight, Prime Time’s Bharati Jagdish speaks with Gary Harvey, CEO of St James’s Place Singapore to find out more.

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