Francesca Way, Singapore Nightlife Business Association

Francesca Way, Singapore Nightlife Business Association

15122022 TBH - Francesca Way

15 December 2022
Mind Your Business: Travel Thursday - Reviving the nightlife scene in Singapore
April 19, 2022 was probably a date that will never be forgotten for those in the nightlife sector. That was the day where all nightlife businesses, including clubs and karaoke establishments, were allowed to fully reopen. While the news brought some relief to the sector, their road to recovery has still been a tough one since.
Francesca Way, Committee Member, Singapore Nightlife Business Association shares more.

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A lady boss’ journey in Singapore’s nightlife scene
The pilot scheme to reopen karaokes and nightclubs was announced last November, but that did not take off and such establishments were left again in the dark. With the grit to keep their establishment afloat, A Phat Cat Collective managed to pivot their business. Francesca Aurora Way, Co-Founder, A Phat Cat Collective shares more about her experience handling her nightlife business amidst a pandemic and her journey in the nightlife scene here.

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