Felix Lee, ADPList

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31032023 BF - Felix Lee

31 March 2023
From Zero to Hero: How a young Singaporean is building a freely-accessible global mentor network
"Do not let your background define your future."
That is how we would describe our guest on Mind Your Business today.
Coming from a humble family background, he had no access to mentors whom he could consult or look up to.
That was what prompted him to start a mentorship company as a side project at the height of the pandemic.
But his business grew so rapidly that his boss told him to either focus on the full time job or his side project.
Well, the choice was obvious.
Striving towards his vision of a world where education and knowledge sharing is free and accessible to all, Felix Lee, Co-founder of ADPList, a global mentoring platform, shares his journey, the mentors who have helped him and his aspirations for the global community that is exploding at lightning speed.

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