Eric Goh, Motor Edgevantage

Eric Goh, Motor Edgevantage

Eric Goh

2 May 2023
Mind Your Business: Mind Your Business: From Apprentice to Award Recipient - How a Car Mechanic Strives to Shatter the Grease Monkey Stereotype of a Decades-Old Industry
In this episode of Mind Your Business, we bring you an inspiring story of an individual who is breaking barriers and stereotypes in the automotive industry.
From facing scepticism from his family when he decided to become an apprentice mechanic to finally opening his own car workshop, he has been striving to shatter the Grease Monkey stereotype type and mindsets of both young and old about the industry.
He is determined to create a modern, bright and clean workshop environment and invest heavily in human capital. His efforts were recognised when Motor Edgevantage received the SkillsFuture Employer Award (Silver) by SkillsFuture Singapore in 2022, the nation's highest skills award which honours organisations that champion employees' skills development and build a lifelong learning culture at the workplace.
Lynlee Foo and  Ryan Huang speak with Eric Goh, the co-founder and director of Motor Edgevantage, to learn more about his journey and his commitment to upskilling and reskilling at the workplace, as well as his plans for preparing his staff for the future of electric vehicles.

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