Emma Chen, IDP Education

Emma Chen, IDP Education

12012023 TBH - Emma Chen

12 January 2023
Why It Matters: IDP Singapore to host Education Fair 14 & 15 January
Interest in studying abroad is expected to pick up as we transit into a post Covid-19 world.
What should students looking to study abroad look out for and what resources do organisations like IDP Singapore have to help them make better informed decisions?
Emma Chen, Marketing Manager, IDP Singapore with more.

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21 April 2022
Mind Your Business: IDP Singapore positive outlook, increase in study abroad enquiries as border controls ease
As borders are reopening, international education services provider IDP Singapore has observed a mounting interest from Singapore students. Emma Chen, Marketing Manager, IDP Education, talks to us about her company's role in helping Singapore's youth pursue their academic endeavors and how the climate surrounding overseas study has changed given the current Covid-19 pandemic.

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