Dr. Benjamin Smith, Future Ready Food Safety Hub (FRESH)

Dr. Benjamin Smith, Future Ready Food Safety Hub (FRESH)

27012023 TBH - Dr Benjamin Smith

27 January 2023
Why It Matters: The science behind "novel food"
Singapore has come a long way since its historic “world-first” regulatory approval of serum-free cultivated meat for sale in the city-state.
But what sort of tests are needed to ensure novel food like this is safe to eat? Dr Benjamin Smith, Director, Future Ready Food Safety Hub (FRESH) shares the science behind.

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29 August 2022
Nutri-Grade labelling scheme & novel food safety for Singapore's 30 by 30 vision to address food security
Food security has been among the top concerns in Singapore after food export is restricted in some countries. To tackle such challenges, the “30 by 30” goal is aimed at constructing an agri-food capability and capacity to sustainably produce 30 percent of the local nutritional needs by 2030. Prime Time’s Bharati Jagdish speaks with Dr. Benjamin Smith, Director of FRESH and Director of A*STAR Innovations in Food & Chemical Safety Programme to find out more.

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