David Fogarty, The Straits Times

David Fogarty, The Straits Times

David Fogarty

14 December 2023
Viewpoint: Little recognition of the need to address nature protection at COP28
The COP28 climate talks ended with a historic deal to transition away from fossil fuels. Calling the summit a "qualified success", the Straits Times’ Climate Change editor David Fogarty weighs in on the landmark agreement from Dubai and shares his perspectives on the protection of nature as part of climate change efforts including why it should be given more prominence.

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17 September 2019
The Straits Times joins major global news collaboration Covering Climate Now
Ahead of the United Nations Climate Action Summit next Monday, more than 250 news outlets around the world have committed to Covering Climate Now - an initiative to provide focused coverage of the climate crisis in print, radio, TV and online. Participating organisations include TV networks, like CBS News and Al Jazeera;  newspapers, led by The Guardian; digital players, like BuzzFeed, HuffPost and Vox; wire services like Getty Images; as well as dozens of magazines, podcasts, local publishers, radio and TV stations. The Straits Times is part of this coalition. To tell us more, we’re joined by David Fogarty - Climate Change Editor at ‘The Straits Times’.

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