David Chan, Adnovum

David Chan, Adnovum

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26 April 2023
In the Spotlight: The growing threat of synthetic media
The theft of $35 million using deepfake voice technology to emulate the voice of a UAE bank executive in 2021 has reinforced the threat posed by deepfakes.
So, seeing is no longer believing as AI-powered tech provides cybercriminals with a sophisticated way to carry out cyberattacks, identity fraud, and other scams.
How can organisations safeguard themselves against deep fake fraud and minimise the impact of future identity-based attacks?
David Chan, Managing Director, Singapore, Adnovumshares on how you can protect yourselves from this AI facade and more.

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15 September 2022
Tech Talk: How can organizations stay one step ahead of malicious threat actors?
In today’s increasingly digitalized world, organisations are increasingly adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and mitigate threats. However, cybercriminals are also taking advantage of the same technologies to launch their attacks. How can organisations stay one step ahead of malicious threat actors? Prime Time’s Bharati Jagdish finds out from David Chan, Managing Director, Singapore, Adnovum.

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