Dave Ernsberger, S&P Global Platts

Dave Ernsberger, S&P Global Platts

20 August 2020
Is the Worst Over for Crude Oil Markets?
Crude Futures began slipping in recent days on renewed concerns about the global economic slowdown, and also at a time when OPEC+ began easing some of the production cuts enacted to stabilize prices. Dave Ernsberger, Head of Commodities Pricing at S&P Global Platts, spoke to us about whether this is a risky move, what he makes of major oil producers scaling back exploration activities, and the role Chinese demand and falling US oil rigs play in the broader market landscape.

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30 April 2020
The State of Oil Ahead of OPEC+'s Planned Output Cuts
May 1 marks the day that OPEC+ initiates these massive output cuts of 9.7M barrels a day, in an effort to stabilize crude markets that have seen price wars, negative prices and a collapse in demand. Dave Ernsberger, Head of Pricing and Market Insight at S&P Global Platts, joined us to talk about Thursday's jump in oil prices, if hope is warranted for these oversupply fears to ease, and why OPEC and friends may have more incentives to comply with supply cuts now more than before.

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