Cyrus Daruwala, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific

Cyrus Daruwala, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific


8 December 2020
Bigger Picture: Digibank winners face uphill fight for market share
Cyrus Daruwala, Managing Director for Financial Services and Fintech at IDC Asia/Pacific discusses the various challenges around costs, regulations and competition that may keep a lid on their success.

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10 January 2020
Bigger Picture: Difficult for digibanks to be profitable
With 21 applicants in the race for a digibank licence, Cyrus Daruwala, Managing Director, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific explains why some may have underestimated the work cut out - including compliance requirements, costs of customer acquisition and funds. He also shares who he's betting on to come out in front.

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