Clement Lee, Franklin Templeton

Clement Lee, Franklin Templeton

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31 March 2023
Money in the Market: Why does income investing matter in the current market environment?
Volatility, high inflation and recessionary concerns - these are what’s overshadowing market conditions at the moment. So how should you allocate your assets? And why does income investing and portfolio diversification matter in the current market environment? To find out more, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Clement Lee, Head of Retail Sales, Southeast Asia at Franklin Templeton, where he also shares the common mistakes he sees amongst investors when it comes to allocating their assets.

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27 August 2021
Why It Matters: 1 in 2 next-gen investors in Singapore optimistic about income increase next year
According to a recent study by Franklin Templeton titled ‘Next-Gen Investor Survey’, the long-drawn nature of the pandemic does not appear to have dampened investor sentiment among the youth. Clement Lee, Head of Retail for Singapore, Franklin Templeton, shares more about the survey’s methodology, key findings, as well as differences between the various generations of investors.

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