Chua Teck Hiong, Hawkermatic

Chua Teck Hiong, Hawkermatic


23 September 2022
Market View: Coffee and KopiTech - How much money is in the pool?
We’re going to be talking all about your cup of coffee or tea today! Traditionally, coffee's hand brewed by coffee brewers or baristas, but some enterprising firms are coming up with machines that can do the job. They say this can standardise the taste of the coffee you drink, and reduce training costs for staff. Investors seem to be liking this idea. Earlier, a company called Crown Digital - behind the robot barista Ella has received investments from transport operators to come up with robot barista stations at railway stops. And if you love Nanyang coffee, another company called Hawkermatic is now supplying over 50 restaurants, coffee shops and food courts with a machine that can produce customised Kopi and Teh in seconds. But how much money is behind these companies really and how do industry players assess the market? On Market View, Prime Time's finance presenter Chua Tian Tian posed these questions to Chua Teck Hiong, Director of Hawkermatic.

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