Chua Kai-Ning, Insectta

Chua Kai-Ning, Insectta

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12 April 2023
Mind Your Business: How SG's first insect farm is pivoting to cocoon shells
Singapore startup Insectta was first set up in 2017 to battle Singapore’s food waste crisis with the help of an unlikely ally: the black soldier fly larva.
But it has since pivoted to an even greener mode - cocoon shells collected from fly farms around ASEAN, and is trying that out in their new pilot plant.
Chua Kai-Ning, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of Insectta shares an inside look on how her sustainable pet project is growing.

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Presenter: Lynlee Foo & Ryan Huang
Producer: Yeo Kai Ting (

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9 January 2020
How Insectta’s insects are helping Singapore save the planet
The first of its kind in Singapore, Insectta rears the black soldier fly and turns its larvae into biomaterials. The urban insect farm is also aiming to close its seed funding round by the first quarter of this year. Chua Kai-Ning, Chief Marketing Director, Insectta shares how these black soldier fly help save the earth and their plans for the funds they hope to raise.

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