Christopher Madiam, Social Bella

Christopher Madiam, Social Bella

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28 February 2023
Mind Your Business: Scaling up in a crisis - Lessons learned from a Temasek-backed tech-enabled beauty startup in Indonesia
While many businesses were forced to shutter due to the pandemic, one Temasek-backed tech-enabled beauty company in Indonesia, has defied the odds, by expanding from their online business to brick and mortar stores.
What did they see that the other businesses failed to notice?
On Mind Your Business, Lyn Lee Foo and Ryan Huang speak with Christopher Madiam, Co-founder and CEO of Social Bella, to find out about how they maintained their growth during the pandemic, plus how they are planning to incorporate new tech, such as A.I. into their business.

Produced and edited by Anthea Ng (

Highlights of the conversation:
2.08 : What is the meaning behind your company name, Social Bella?
3.11 : How has your business evolved since you started it alongside your sister?
4.56 : What is your take on the current funding landscape?
7.08 : Do you have any plans to expand to Singapore?
9.40 : How are you incorporating new tech like A.I. into your business?

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