Chris Huff, Kofax

Chris Huff, Kofax

Chris Huff

6 June 2023
In the Spotlight: Using automation, generative AI to address major challenges facing the financial services sector
The beginning of online banking enabled customers to access their accounts and conduct transactions from their personal computers and smart gadgets. This was followed by the introduction of mobile banking in the 2000s which allows customers to perform transactions using their smartphones.
And now we are going to witness the rise of Generative AI on this front.
Chris Huff, Chief Growth Officer, Kofax discusses with us on how automation and Generative AI can offer innovative and lasting solutions to the financial services sector.

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30 August 2022
Why It Matters: What successful digital transformation look like, removing complexity while doing so
Digital debt is the business killer that is spreading across organisations that fail to leverage digital transformation, yet those who overdo it fall into technical debt. Businesses often step into the pitfalls of technological overhaul and overlook the simple, game-changing strategies to completely redesign the future of work. So how can a business avoid overdoing their digital transformation? Chris Huff, Chief Strategy Growth Officer, Kofax shares more on this and how businesses can gauge their digital transformation journey.

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