Lionel Leow & Tay Yanling, TA.LE

Lionel Leow & Tay Yanling, TA.LE

29032023 DT - Lionel Leow & Tay Yanling_

29 March 2023
The Singaporean architects unravelling complexity into simplicity
Modern design and architecture have become increasingly complex. As the world becomes more interconnected, so are the needs and expectations of well-heeled clients.
Despite the challenges, Singapore architecture and design firm TA.LE continues to grow from strength to strength. Award-winning projects in its portfolio include the Nordic European Centre, semi-detached residences called the Loft House and the retail boutique Alexandria Maison Singapore.
Drive Time's Elliot Danker speaks with Lionel Leow, Co-founder and Principal Architect, TA.LE to find out how their firm is using a human-centric approach to turn complex architectural challenges into simple designs that are functional and sustainable.

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Presenters: Elliot Danker
Producer: Nadiah Koh

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