Benjamin Twoon, Alta

Benjamin Twoon, Alta

Benjamin Twoon

22 June 2023
Money and Me: Why you should diversify your investment portfolio with alternative investments today
How can the integration of alternative investments as part of an investor’s portfolio help reduce market volatility? And what opportunities can be found amidst the rise of alternative assets and luxury asset tokenization as an investment class in Southeast Asia? Dan Koh asks Benjamin Twoon, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Alta.

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1 August 2019
Looking for easy funding for your business? Private investment platform Fundnel can help.
For many growing companies, getting an IPO is the summit for them. But what many of these companies often overlook that an IPO is only the start of a new journey as post-IPO firms are expected to deliver on the promises made in the preceding stage and to maintain success, all of which while managing a big pool of stakeholders at the same time. Homegrown private investment platform, Fundnel offers unlisted growth and pre-IPO securities across industries to a qualified network of investors in the region. Benjamin Twoon, Co-founder & COO of Fundnel shares more.

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