Associate Professor Donny Soh, Singapore Institute of Technology

Associate Professor Donny Soh, Singapore Institute of Technology

17032023 BF - Associate Professor Donny Soh

17 March 2023
Mind Your Business: Chat with GPT4 - Is A.I. now a required skill in your resume?
From ChatGPT to GPT4 - this is like the good old days of computer and smartphone upgrades too.
From 286 processor to iCore9, from iPhone 1 to iPhone 14 today.
Where is the A.I. version going to go?
Plus, a Tokyo-based company has actually advertised that recruits will need to know Open A.I.'s sensation chatbot.
Will this be a required skill in your resume in the near future?
On Mind Your Business today, Lyn Lee Foo and Ryan Huang speak with Associate Professor Donny Soh, Programme Leader of BSc (Hons) Applied Artificial Intelligence, Singapore Institute of Technology, on what the latest GPT4 can do and what it means for jobs as well as the higher education sector.

Talking points:
1.46 : What is the key difference between GPT4 and its predecessor?
2.26 : What are the limitations to this new version?
2.51 : Agree or disagree quiz on the human traits that GPT4 can replace
7.07 : Does A.I. generated products be copyrighted?
10.06 : Why did ChatGPT fail our PSLE exam? How will the education sector evolve with A.I. tech?

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