Anthony Siau, Kairos Capital Group

Anthony Siau, Kairos Capital Group

17112022 PT - Anthony Siau

17 November 2022
Market View: VC investments into FoodTech and Kairos Capital Group’s new FoodTech Fund

Food sustainability has made its way into discussions at the COP 27 meeting as the world battles the effects of climate change, and supply chain disruptions brought about by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.
At the COP 27 climate conference, the European Investment Fund, also Europe’s largest venture capital and private equity financier, signed investments totalling some 247 million Euros to enable five equity funds to back 2.5 billion Euros of climate investments, including areas such as food innovation.
Increasingly, we’re also seeing VC investors putting their money into food sustainability or novel foods. Just take Singapore-based Kairos Capital, for example.
The VC firm, which has invested in tech giants like ByteDance, Airbnb and Spotify, is also investing into meat alternative companies such as Oatly, Eat Just and Impossible Meat. It’s in fact launched a FoodTech Fund to further efforts on this front.
On Market View, Prime Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian sat down with Anthony Siau, CEO of Kairos Capital Group to chat about the VC trends and opportunities in the food tech scene.

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