Anthony Chen, Giraffe Pictures

Anthony Chen, Giraffe Pictures

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23 March 2023
Mind Your Business: Why it's so hard for indie firms to get funding?
What can indie media production firms do to stay ahead of the game in a world dominated by streaming platforms and content creators?
Award-winning Director and Founder of Giraffe Pictures, Anthony Chen shares his personal journey in putting Singapore on the international film stage and the challenges behind getting funding

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1 August 2020
Weekends: Film Director Anthony Chen on the state of local film industry
Glenn van Zutphen and award-winning author Neil Humphreys are joined by Anthony Chen, Director of "Ilo Ilo", a 2013 Singaporean drama film to discuss his thoughts on the Singapore movie and TV special after Netflix announced a progressive launch of 106 Singapore-made films on the streaming site, why "Ilo Ilo" resonated with him, and why Singapore movies matter.

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