Ann Lim, Tourism Australia

Ann Lim, Tourism Australia

13042023 DT - Ann Lim

13 April 2023
In the Spotlight: What to expect in winter Australia
Prevailing from the months of June to August, winter in Australia enables the travellers to indulge in some of the best experiences that lead them to explore the true charm of the Land of Oz.
So why should one spend winter in Australia?  And with sustainability travel gaining more traction, how is Australia, as a destination, leading the way on this front?
Ann Lim, Country Manager, Singapore, Tourism Australia tells us more.

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Weekends: Australia’s new global tourism campaign launched
Glenn van Zutphen and award-winning author Neil Humphreys speak to Ann Lim, Country Manager, Singapore, Tourism Australia to talk about their campaign of Tourism in Australia and the plan for the upcoming one in the next instalment of Tourism Australia’s global There’s Nothing Like.

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