Angus Kidman,

Angus Kidman,

25042023 YM - Angus Kidman

25 April 2023
Money and Me: Can’t save? You are not alone.
According to new research from financial comparison site Finder, a quarter of the adult population are unprepared for financial misadventure. This same group said they could live off their savings for just a month or less!
To help us better understand why Singaporeans could find themselves in a bind should financial misadventure hit and what unique ways we can adopt to save in this inflationary environment, Michelle Martin speaks to Angus Kidman, Editor-At-Large, Finder.

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6 November 2020
One in three Singaporeans resort to a personal loan in the last 12 months
In a survey done by Finder, it was found that an estimated 928,000 Singaporeans have taken out a personal loan in the past 12 months. So what are the reasons behind Singaporeans taking up personal loans? And with uncertain times due to Covid-19, should one resort to take up a personal loan during this period of time? Angus Kidman, Global Editor-in-Chief, shares more.

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