Andrew Ong, Regional Managing Director, APAC, Flywire

Andrew Ong, Regional Managing Director, APAC, Flywire

12042023 DT - Andrew Ong

12 April 2023
In the Spotlight: Is AI the silver bullet in data protection and security?
Expansive data breaches and extensive cybercrime networks have placed APAC as the hotbed of growing cybercrime attacks.Many organisations continue to struggle with how to effectively protect and secure their data.
So how can organisations understand  “unknown threats” and how can they identify these malicious entities?
Andrew Ong, Regional Director, Vectra APAC shares more.

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Cheaper and Faster Cross Border Payments
Global cross-border payment transactions are notoriously complicated and time consuming, even with the advent of online payment platforms which espouse speed and reduced costs. Flywire has added machine-learning capabilities to its online payment platform’s offering to help reduce costs, safeguard security and improve payment-to-settlement time. Andrew Ong is the Regional Managing Director for APAC at Flywire and he talks us through it.

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