Andrew Lim, 4PLUS8

Andrew Lim, 4PLUS8

Andrew Lim

22 November 2023
Why It matters: 100% Handmade Carpentry - This Firm’s Secret to Breathing Life into Luxury Interiors in Singaporean Homes
On Why It Matters, we speak with Andrew Lim, Founder and Principal of 4PLUS8 to find out what it takes to build his own luxury fit out firm to help luxury homeowners breathe more life, exclusivity, and personality into their spaces.

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3 December 2020
Soul of Business: Can construction companies think out of the box during the pandemic?
Claressa Monteiro and Andrew Lim, Principal & Founder, 4PLUS8 discuss declines in the construction industry as a result of COVID-19 and pivoting to adapt to the new normal.

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