Amitabh Sarkar, Tata Communications

Amitabh Sarkar, Tata Communications

Amitabh Sarkar

15 December 2023
Why It Matters: Tata Communications partners with Singapore Airlines to boost user experience
Global digital ecosystem enabler Tata Communications is partnering with Singapore Airlines to transform the airlines communications and collaboration tools to enhance employee productivity and boost user experience.
Amitabh Sarkar, Vice President & Head of Asia Pacific and Japan – Enterprise, Tata Communications shares more about the cutting-edge technologies delivered as part of this partnership, and how does Tata Communications sets SIA up for the future of aviation.

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26 September 2022
Digital Deflation: Investing in Technology to Combat Long-Term Inflation
Singapore’s inflation has hit the highest level in 14 years, while Japan’s inflation trend measures have just reached a record high. As businesses watch inflation numbers rise month after month, what can they do to fight back beyond raising prices on customers? Prime Time’s Bharati Jagdish spoke with Amitabh Sarkar, Vice President and Head of Asia Pacific and Japan for Enterprise, Tata Communications and Official Broadcast Connectivity Provider for the F1 races globally to find out how companies can invest in technology to counteract long term inflation.

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