Alvin Poh, Super Scaling & CLDY

Alvin Poh, Super Scaling & CLDY

Alvin Poh

30 October 2023
Biz-How-To: How to build a business and sell it for millions
Our Biz-How-To interview is inspired by a book titled, "How to Build a Business and Sell it for Millions.”
In a nutshell, it’s MBA meets Main Street, where the author Jack Garson outlines the vital moves a company needs to make to become an attractive acquisition by other firms.
Our guest has the experience, having sold his first business in the millions.
Alvin Poh, CEO, Super Scaling & Chairman, C-L-D-Y shares his insights, offering valuable lessons for businesses aiming to succeed and scale effectively.
Presented by Ryan Huang
This podcast is produced and edited by Anthea Ng (
Do contact her for topics: C-Suite, SME, Sustainability, Property, Intergenerational Family Business, Industry Outlook, Fintech

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6 August 2021
Influence: From 30 million cash out to coaching businesses - Why Alvin Poh made the switch
Michelle Martin and Alvin Poh, Founder of Super Scaling and Ex-Ceo of Vodien Internet Solutions and Author of Super Scaling: Systemise, Break Free, and Skyrocket Your Business to Millions discuss his journey as a self made millionaire, overcoming a delisting from Google and the philosophy of super scaling.
This interview is in collaboration with a series with the Peak magazine on the Next Gen of Leaders.

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