Allan Lim, Alpha Biofuels & ComCrop

Allan Lim, Alpha Biofuels & ComCrop

16022023 BF - Allan Lim_

16 February 2023
Mind Your Business: Why aren’t there more commercial rooftop farms?
Seemingly muted green measures in Budget 2023, despite the global push to get businesses and individuals to go green.
Allan Lim, Founder and Chairman, ComCrop shares an inside look on challenges faced by enterprises in the green space and additional support the sector needs to push ahead.

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27 May 2020
Sustainable Singapore: Turning used cooking oil into biofuel and ensuring food security
This weeks Sustainable Singapore guest wears many sustainability hats! Allan Lim is changing perceptions about clean energy, as the Founder/CEO at Alpha Biofuels. They collect used cooking oil from the F&B industry and convert it into biodiesel.
Meanwhile, he is also highlight the importance of food security here in Singapore through his role as Founder/Chairman at ComCrop which is a commercial rooftop farming company. He shares more about both ventures and how they aim to adopting a more carbon conscious environment

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