Alice Chang, Perfect Corp.

Alice Chang, Perfect Corp.

05122022 PT - Alice Chang

5 December 2022
Market View: Perfect Corp on the outlook for beauty tech industry, virtual makeup try-on, partnerships with beauty brands, future of virtual fashion try-ons
We’re going to talk all about beauty today. Speaking of beauty, have you ever gone out with little or no makeup only to realise you need to take a selfie or a photograph to put on your social media?
In these situations, beauty apps that provide virtual makeup in real time would prove to be extremely useful. Taiwan’s virtual beauty brand Perfect Corp, is the company behind one of these apps.
But beyond the app, the company also empowers beauty brands such as Estee Lauder, LVMH, Avon and Shiseido with product try-on, facial diagnostics, and digital consultation solutions.
Question is - what exactly are the opportunities in the beauty tech industry and what are some plans for Perfect Corp going forward?

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On Market View, Chua Tian Tian sat down with Alice Chang, Founder and CEO of Perfect Corp for more.

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