Alan Cheong, Savills

Alan Cheong, Savills

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29 November 2022
Money in the Market: Will the rental market to remain tight for the rest of this year?
Savills Research reports that rents of private residential properties are continuing their uninterrupted run across landed and non-landed properties. The rental index of these property types hit record levels in 24 years since the start of the URA time series in 1998. On Money in the Market, finance producer Hongbin Jeong speaks to Alan Cheong, Head & Director of Research & Consultancy at Savills to find out more.

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21 October 2022
Money in the market: Will industrial investments continue to shine?
Savills Research recently reported that industrial investment sales surged 240% quarter on quarter in Q3. In Money in the Market - Rachel Kelly and Willie Keng spoke with  Alan Cheong, Head & Director of Research & Consultancy, Savills for his outlook on the investment potential of different property sectors.

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