AJ Kahling, TD Ameritrade

AJ Kahling, TD Ameritrade

10012023 PT - AJ Kahling

10 January 2023
Market View: US Non-farm Payrolls on stock movement, US December CPI and Fed’s February meeting expectations, Major bank earnings predictions, Bed Bath & Beyond’s outlook, Apple’s diversification away from China, Tesla’s price cuts and US companies to watch for 2023
We’ll keep you up to date with all you need to know with regard to the US Stock Market today.
Markets received a much needed boost late last week after December’s non-farm payrolls showed wage growth coming in below expectations. But to what extent can we take heart in this piece of news given that the labour market in the US remained rather resilient for the month with more jobs created?
Also - with December’s CPI data due later in the week, what can we expect and what would this mean for the Federal Reserve ahead of its February meeting?
In terms of companies, we’ll also have a look at major banks that are set to report their earnings this week, as well as the outlook for the troubled retailer Bed Bath & Beyond.
On Market View, Prime Time's finance presenter Chua Tian Tian spoke with AJ Kahling, Head of International Education at TD Ameritrade for more, including Apple’s production in India and companies to watch in the US.

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