Adrian Chia, Big Tiny

Adrian Chia, Big Tiny

02022023 BF - Adrian Chia

2 February 2023
Mind Your Business: Tiny Homes, Big returns - Analyzing the ROI of small properties on wheels
With skyrocketing housing loan rates and additional buyer's stamp duty in Singapore, many people are having second thoughts about purchasing a second home or investment unit.
But what if you could buy an investment property that is almost 90 percent cheaper than an average Singapore 1-bedder condo, and not only that, earns up to 10 percent rental income each year....will you consider it?
Sounds too good to be true?
Well, apparently hundreds of Singaporeans have already invested in these homes in Australia and New Zealand - we are talking about tiny homes.
What exactly a tiny home?
How is it a viable investment option for property lovers?
Well, in Mind Your Business on The Breakfast show, Rachel Kelly and Lynn Lee Foo find out more from Adrian Chia, Co-founder and CEO, Big Tiny.

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