Aditi Kohli, Senior Vice President, APAC, GWI

Aditi Kohli, Senior Vice President, APAC, GWI

08022023 YM - Aditi Kohli

8 February 2023
Money and Me: Who has 6 months savings and what are Singaporeans spending on?
How many of us set a budget and actually stick to it here in Singapore? What do Singaporeans most want their financial institutions to provide them information on?
Michelle Martin finds out with Aditi Kohli, Senior Vice President, APAC, GWI.

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16 March 2021
Checking in on the Foursquare rebrand
Just recently, Foursquare has rebranded to better represent its position as a B2B software service following a period of “growing pains”. Aditi Kohli, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Foursquare shares more about the significance of rebranding Foursquare and how their expansion into B2B and SaaS with its proprietary location technology is benefiting them.

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