WATCH THIS SPACE | The Ups And Downs Of Building A Company From Scratch

Singapore may measure barely 50km from end to end, but we pack a big punch when it comes to business. Join this conversation as we speak with two founders who have made ripples on the world stage. From building a multi-million fashion empire to breaking new ground by offering affordable ergonomics, our flag has never been flown this high.


18 January, Wednesday

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Moderated by
Elliott Danker
Senior Producer-Presenter, MONEY FM 89.3

Start your day with Elliott Danker and Ryan Huang as they discuss the latest global market trends with business insights from industry experts.

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Industry Panelist
Rachel Lim
Co-Founder, Love, Bonito

Rachel Lim is the co-founder of Southeast Asia's leading womenswear brand Love, Bonito. Having started the business online at 19 when e-commerce was at its infancy, she revolutionised the spheres of online retail, redefined the fashion scene in Singapore and grew her blogshop outfit into a multi-million dollar international label. She believes that Love, Bonito is not just in the business of fashion, but ultimately in the business of women, with a mission to empower the everyday Asian woman. Rachel has headlined at notable international conferences and was honoured by Forbes as Asia's 30 under 30 in 2016 and by Tatler Asia as Asia's Most Influential in 2021. She welcomed her bundle of joy in December 2020.



Industry Panelist
Jason Lin
Founder, APOL Singapore

Jason Lin, an alumnus of Singapore Polytechnic, is the founder of APOL Singapore. In 2019 when Jason started working full time, he realised that there were no comfortable chairs available for him to sit for long hours and be productive at work. To solve this, Jason and his co-founders decided to start selling gaming chairs that cater to the different body needs of consumers. Equipped with a business and engineering background, Jason was able to identify the consumers' pain points and constantly create new innovative ergonomic products. In the past four years, APOL has expanded and risen to be one of the top gaming chair companies in the Singapore market, with sales exceeding more than 10,000.




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LISTEN | Mind Your Business: Love, Bonito's Growth Model Within Singapore And Beyond

Mind Your Business: Love, Bonito’s Growth Model Within Singapore And Beyond
Love, Bonito is now expanding into 10 key markets across three regions: Southeast Asia, East Asia as a huge market and potential among Asian diasporas in Australia and the United States. The brand has also just acquired an established activewear brand from Singapore. This acquisition of an activewear brand marks a significant milestone for Love, Bonito as it is one of their first steps into reshaping their female ecosystem plans as a group. Dione Song, Chief Executive Officer, Love, Bonito shares more.

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Mind Your Business: Brothers Against The Tide, Building Singapore's Most Trusted Swimming School

In an industry that was mainly dominated by freelancers, swimming instructors, many a time they were not professionally reviewed. Ray Kua, CEO and Co-Founder, SwimRay tells us how he and his partner, introduced a "school to you approach", overcoming issues such as a lack of income to build a successful business that has an even brighter future ahead.

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Mind Your Business: Challenges Building A Digital Bank From Scratch, Has GXS Succeeded?

Singapore’s digital banking sector has been attracting much interest since regulators gave the green light for a wave of new banks. Many hopes that the development could help inject new life into an industry long dominated by big legacy players but will these new digital banks be a ‘game changer’ to the local banking scene? Charles Wong, CEO, GXS Bank tells us more on what digital banks can bring to the table and the challenges setting one up.

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Mind Your Business: How A Self-Pronounced Failure Recovered And Build A Leading Startup In Smart Cleaning

In the early 2010s, Jonathan Quek, Founder & CEO, Globotix invested all of his savings to set up an edtech platform that did not succeed. But, the failure in that business venture taught him to be a better entrepreneur and he now owns a leading startup in smart cleaning. He joins us on The Breakfast Huddle to share his inspiring story.

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Mind Your Business: From Mobile Gaming Studio To Diving Into Crypto-Gaming

Reviving from an untimely retrenchment, to building a multi-million-dollar gaming company XII Braves, the then largest mobile gaming studio in Singapore, from scratch. Fast-forward six years, our guest has now created his own Binance-backed crypto gaming company, which just raised US$6.6 million in a private sale earlier this year. Chris Ng, Co-Founder, SkyArk Studio shares his entrepreneurship experience and why he decided to jump into the crypto-gaming scene.

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How A 24 Year Old Started Her Own Gym After 4 Years Of Law School

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Shu Qi, a law graduate, started her own gym, The Kampong Too, shortly after her bar examinations. Changing career paths and taking big risks is never easy. Find out how Shu Qi braved through obstacles and pursued her new business endeavour here.

Studio An: Quitting A Stable Job To Open A Safe Space For Creativity

From clinical psychology to starting her own art studio - how did she do it? We speak to Gloricia Shen, founder of Studio An as she shares more about her entrepreneurship journey and her mission to create a safe space for others to enjoy art creatively.

How A Series Of Unfortunate Events Started SG's Leading Activewear Brand, Kydra

Failure is the mother of success. Kydra Athletics, a homegrown Singapore brand of activewear, was founded by university friends, Jimmy Poh and Wong Dingyai. Due to bad experiences with gym shorts that had shallow pockets, they both sought to create minimalist and comfortable athleisure wear, despite their lack of design background and expertise. Here's how they transformed the activewear landscape in Singapore.

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