Multiflora: Giveaway

Multiflora: Giveaway

Tune in to MoneyFM 89.3 on 4 September- 9 September 2023 from 6am to 9pm to participate!

Rejuvenate your senses with spa therapy!

Here's your chance to win a $490 therapy with Multiflora's Song Jin and Fu Yuan Guan Therapy.

Multiflora TCM Spa, Singapore's award-winning health and wellness spa since 2002. With a fusion of oriental remedies and the latest western beauty technology, they pride themselves on providing you with the best solution to all your beauty and health concerns. Helping you improve your body's balance and harmony between the natural opposing forces of Yin and Yang according to TCM therapies.

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Visit their website here to learn more! CLICK HERE  

Instagram: @mul.ti.flo.ra

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