Art of The Deal: 10 Stocks To Watch For In 2021 | 21 January 2021

Art of The Deal: 10 Stocks To Watch For In 2021 | 21 January 2021

Invest to grow in 2021. Join Sean Seah, Buffett Online School and MONEY FM 89.3 Finance Presenter JP Ong in the next Art of The Deal as they share the 10 stocks to look out for this year, and their pros & cons.

21 January, Thursday

Hosted by

JP Ong
MONEY FM 89.3 Finance Presenter

Stay up to date with the latest movements in the Singapore, European and US markets with JP Ong on MONEY FM 89.3. Together with Howie Lim & Rachel Kelly, get the latest news from Asia and around the world and learn of the latest trends in property investment and the challenges that Small Medium Enterprises face in a changing economy on Prime Time on weekdays from 4PM to 7PM.

Guest Speaker

Sean Seah
Buffett Online School
Best Selling Author, Stock Investor

Full Time Investor, Sean Seah has 15 years of investing experience and is an International Best Selling Author of 7 Investment Books. He is also a Trainer with Buffett Online School and Securities Investors Association of Singapore (SIAS). He has been invited by Financial Institutions and Universities to share his investment insights globally.

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