Yiwugo Launched Voting for Top 10 Vendors Competition 2020

YIWU, China, May 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 10, 2020, the online event 2020 China Brand Day was kicked off. As an important annual branding event in Yiwu market, the Yiwugo Top 10 Vendors Competition has also officially started the voting process.

The competition, which has been successfully held for the eighth consecutive year, presented a number of influential proprietary foreign-trade brands, such as Hailing GEMEI Small Home Appliance Firm, Nicole Fashion Jewelry, Zongxin Canvas Shoes, and BAOLA, etc. To better help vendors establish brand awareness and demonstrate their brand strengths, Yiwugo has made some adjustments to the awards program. While continuing to select "Top 10 Vendors", the competition will also feature 10 "Leading Vendors", 80 "Model Vendors" and 120 "Elite Vendors". It is worth noting that, with the advent of the "Live Streaming Era for All", a "Top 10 Influencers" award has been added to the awards program of this year's competition, with a view to enabling vendors to display their corporate images and brands through live streaming, thus attracting the attention of buyers around the world in a more vivid manner. The voting process will start on May 10, 2020 and last until December 31, 2020. The results will be announced after January 1, 2021.

"Since the beginning of 2020, all the people have entered a live streaming era due to the impact of the global pandemic", said Wang Jianjun, CEO of Yiwugo. "Following this trend, Yiwugo launched the live streaming function and started the voting process for the annual 'Top 10' award. The purpose is to enhance the market activity and help vendors promote their own brands by virtue of the brand influence of Yiwugo. By setting the 'Top 10 Influencers' award, the competition will undoubtedly better encourage vendors to fight the pandemic with their brands during the special period," he added. According to a principal of Yiwugo's Market Department, the "Top 10 Influencers" will be ranked according to the number of live viewers and the volume of deals closed during the live streaming process, with each indicator accounting for a weight of 50%. The smaller the sum of the two indicators, the higher the ranking would be. The competition has led to a significant increase in the number of live streaming vendors on Yiwugo, and the length of live streaming has also been prolonged.

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